About Deezy Decks

CHANGE THE GAME with these 24k GOLD PLAYING CARDS . They are stylish, unique, durable, and WATERPROOF. Our collections are customized to celebrate HBCU’s, Black Greek Letter Organizations,  Black Marching Bands, and other highlights in black culture!

KNOW YOUR ROOTS is a collection designed to celebrate where we come from. Many of the leaders of today, from all aspects of life, hailed from a historically black institution. These institutions often grew from a mere thought and a mountain of character. This collection celebrates that history, those principles, and that founding date.

THE DIVINE is a collection recognizing nine black greek letter organizations that some of the most influential people in black culture have claimed as their brotherhood and sisterhood. Each of these organizations were founded with a promise to effectuate positive change and have done so in remarkable ways. This collection celebrates where it all began.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS is a collection that energizes our very being. For HBCUs, halftime IS game time! The marching band is the soul of an HBCU and it only takes that one song to bring you right back on the yard. This collection highlights some of the bands’ most defining moments led by the drum majors.

FOR THE CULTURE is a collection of highlights in our culture that make us proud. There are no affiliations necessary to get excited about these moments. This collection is a celebration for our people, for our achievements, and for our culture.



DeAndre Etherly

Founder / Owner